WHAT IS JAVA? Java is, • Concurrent – execute many statements instead of sequentially executing it. • Class-based and an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Languages, • Independent Programming Languages It is also an Object-Oriented language like C++, but with advanced and simplified features. Java is free to access and can run on any platform. In simple words, it is a computing platform which means compiling the code on any operating system. WHAT IS JAVA USED FOR? Java is highly popular and has dominated this field from the early 2000s until the present. It has been used in different domains,  Banking - deal with transaction management  Retail - billing applications in a store/restaurant  Information Technology – designed to solve implementation dependencies  Android – applications are either written in Java/use Java API (Application Programming Interface)  Financial Services – used in the server-side application  Big Data – Hadoop map-reduce framework  Stock Market – to write algorithms as to which company they should invest  Scientific and Research Community – deal with the huge amount of data Google, Netflix, Amazon are the most popular companies using Java. It adopted the Java language Gmail which is mostly written in Java. Java is also used by NASA and it develops a Mars Rover Project called Spirit. This is one of the reasons why Java becomes a platform with the independent capability and also a truly general- purpose programming language that is not constrained only to commercial space. Eg: Huge companies like eBay and Apple use Apache Solar for providing search capabilities in their own websites. WHY SHOULD WE LEARN JAVA? Java is one of the most fundamental programming languages anyone can pick up. It is so simple at the same time. The possibility of what you can develop using Java is infinite. • Easy and Open Source • Portable and Versatile • Use Java anywhere • Upcoming with new features • Popularity and High Salary • Resources and Communities Support

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