Basics of Java

‘Change’ is one of the most critical aspects of software development and management. New tools and new approaches are announced almost every day. To build today’s complex software we need to use sound construction techniques and program structures that are easy to comprehend, implement and modify in a wide variety of situations. Since the invention of the computer, over the last four decades, many programming approaches have been tried – modular, top-down, bottom-up and structured programming. Why choose Java? 1. Develop software on one platform and deploy it on virtually any other platforms. 2. Create programs that can run in a web browser is access available web services. 3. Develop server-side applications like online stores, polls, image galleries, form processing, etc.., 4. Create powerful apps for mobile phones and other embedded devices. What should I know before? No technical knowledge of programming language needed should know basic concepts about programming, knowledge of C or C++ helps learn concepts faster. Intended Audience – Beginners/Starters new to Java.

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