Leadership defines as “a combination of position, responsibilities, attitude, skills, and behaviors that allows someone to bring out the best in others, and the best in their organization, in a sustainable manner.” There are many traits and skills demonstrated by leaders.   


Who should study this course? (Crafting Leadership Skills)


  • Anyone wanting to learn proper leadership skills
  • Current leaders who want to take their leadership to the next level
  • Anyone who is in a management position
  • Anyone who wants to expand their life skill set – being a leader applies to everyone






  • Vision/Purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Other Focus/Awareness
  • Outer Focus



About the Course


Leaders are made, not born! While we all believe that the “natural born leader” types have it easy, they actually spent time developing their leadership skills, just as you will also.  With this course, we are going to provide you a step by step guide to developing your leadership abilities and ultimately be one of those natural born leaders yourself (except now we know the secret!).   In this course, we will cover practical strategies and surefire methods for developing your own personal leadership style.  You’ll be able to identify opportunities to use your new skill set, be able to lead with communication, encouragement, and promotion, assemble and maintain top-notch teams and run effective teams who buy into your vision.



What you’ll learn


  • Leadership Roles
  • Skill sets of a Leader
  • Management Skills
  • Everyday Life Leadership
  • Skills Development
  • Team Building
  • Vision Sharing


Program Benefits


  • Leads to Increases in Productivity
  •  Boosts Employee Morale


Job Outlook


Employment of training and development managers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be favorable due to the constant need for workplace training and education.


Real Career Impact


Leadership skills are important traits to possess when owning a small business. Displaying leadership skills can help you throughout your career, especially with attracting clients, investors, and creditors. Many small business owners and managers look for leadership skills in job candidates when making hiring decisions. Understanding the importance of leadership skills can help business owners set the tone for their organization and inspire employees to follow their words and actions.


Job Aspiration


Human Resource Professional   Project Manager   Strategic Planner


Management Consultant    Entrepreneur     Retail Manager


                                       Salary: $55,000 to $60,000


Basic/Nano Degree Certificate

Individual Certificates for each course


[Empowering people Through Education]

“Leadership is LESS about doing & MORE about being”

LEADERSHIP helps bring out the best in individuals. It’s the resultant product of an individual’s position in society and his/her interaction with people with whom they work. Leadership involves developing your awareness of your personal leadership style. It is the clever use of tools and techniques you use as a leader, exploring ways to motivate and inspire others. Leadership provides an opportunity to unleash one’s hidden potential. Within the context of an educational institution, one could notice visible positive changes in students and teachers!

The subject could be discussed under the following heads:

  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Building Potential
  • Soft Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Outcomes
  • First of all, you must have a clear idea about yourself, your talent and your potential. You have to raise your own self-awareness and gain self-confidence for attaining better leadership. The new approach is based on trust and sense. SR (Savoir-Relier) methodology – that involves introspection, conversation, resilience, and responsibility -enables better team leadership and encourages a better relationship between people, in spite of differences of opinion. Such attitudes help better value creation. Learn how a growth mindset can improve your Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Quotient) and your self-management. A World Economic Forum report predicts EQ will be one of the top 10 skills to look out for while hiring employees by 2020. In fact, EQ is more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in many leadership roles. More than 75% of management promotions depend on EQ. High EQ employees are beneficial to their organization because they build great relationships with their co-workers and clients. Hence it becomes quite necessary y to build the EQ muscle. Endeavor to be an innovator and game-changer.
  • Even as a student leader, building leadership pipeline from frontline to top is quite important. As you finish your studies and preparing to enter a job, employers are always looking for leaders from the employee pools they have to work with. Employers promote such talent and nurture it for the good of their company. Focusing on their HR (Human Resource) teams at all levels – lower, middle and top –employers invest in developing their potential talent, increasing their bandwidth/resources resulting in upgrading their businesses. All Corporates aim at crafting a high-potential pool of workers and leaders. Scouting for a holistic view of potential, be it blue-collared or white-collared jobs, employers go beyond leadership potential for just getting hold of the right individuals into team-building to ensure the right level of stretch.
  • Soft skills training in professional life is hardly taught at schools and universities of the world. Personality development, Image management, Body language, Postures & Gestures, Expressions, Fine-grooming and Dress sense, Anger management and Handling sensitivity of criticism – are all skills – equally important like academic and vocational skills. Most of these skills are supplementary, extra-curricular and need to be acquired by both youngsters and seniors, to empower them with valuable self-confidence and refinements for their personal, social and business lifestyles.

Two decades into the Twenty-first century, reports are still calling for urgent action to build the capacity of our students/youth who are the future citizens upon whom the elders expect the digital world to be taken forward. Every age mandates a skill that is demanded of its citizens and the digital age is no different as far as technical skills are concerned. Based on the US’ Partnership for Skills’ framework, to succeed in the digital age one has to possess – critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills. The framework presents a holistic view of the Twenty-first century were focusing on the support systems required for today’s world – the new global economy – where student outcomes are multi-dimensional.

  • Your personal brand impacts your leadership style, the team or organization you lead and ultimately how you choose to live your life. The way in which people market and promote themselves to the outside world defines themselves. In a business world, it’s about your own motivation and what you really want to sell that matters. Your personal brand is within your control and can be carefully shaped and crafted according to your guiding principles! Everything you do can grow and reflect your personal brand – the projects you lead, the networks you develop, the customers you delight and the initiatives you take. It is what other people will remember about you. All the time – you’re learning, growing, building relationships and delivering great results? This becomes your footprint in the world.
  • Outcomes:
  1. Have a clear idea
  2. Have a Value Proposition & Mission statement
  3. Understand Product features
  4. Communication Style
  5. Know added value & benefits
  6. Know assets and what to sell
  7. Create a Unique Brand resume
  8. Increase the visibility of Personal brand
  9. Understand Feedback
  10. Use tools to improve Networking


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